Rogue HotSpots – be careful who provides your WiFI

Sitting in the center of New York City or some other hub of activity there are probably many WiFi hotspots available to you.
Most of them are going to be legitimate free or free hotspots but in the midst of these could be rogue hotspots.
WiFi hotspots set up by hackers can capture all the information going over the rogue wireless network. writes Dr Phil Nobles, wireless internet and cybercrime expert at the university, said, ?’Evil twin’ hotspots present a hidden danger for web users. Users think they’ve logged on to a wireless hotspot connection when, in fact, they?ve been tricked to connect to a hacker?s unauthorised base station.?
Nobles said the hacker jams the connection to a legitimate base station by sending a stronger signal within close proximity to a wireless access point – thereby turning itself into an “evil twin”.
Once the user is connected to the “evil twin”, the cyber criminal can intercept data being transmitted, such as bank details or personal information.