Search Your Desktop: But Be Real Careful

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have all recently launched software to let you quickly search the contents of your computers hard disk. But these free tools make it easy for someone who has physical access to your computer to see your hard disk contents also.
Hackers could also use these tools to view your data, but it’s a little harder.
News Factor writes Analysts say most of the privacy Latest News about privacy risks associated with desktop search tools concern people who have direct access to your computer. Therefore, the highest risk of an invasion of an individual’s privacy comes from employers, co-workers and family members.
“Let’s be realistic; some users will have pornography that they access or store that they do not want their spouse or children to see. Those people should think twice about installing an indexer,” Christian Byrnes, senior vice president Technology Research Services Latest News about Technology Research, Meta Group, told NewsFactor.