Says Starting an Online Business is a Few Clicks Away

Starting an online business may be easier than you think — especially if you’re willing to start small and grow gradually — says, The Wall Street Journal’s guide for entrepreneurs. The key is to take one step at a time, rather than try to launch the business overnight.
“It can seem daunting to hire a Web designer, find a hosting service and roll out an e-commerce platform while also getting the back-end of the business in place, but if tackled in pieces, it’s a very straightforward process,” says Tony Lee, editor in chief,
To help entrepreneurs get started, a number of free and low-cost Internet services, including, have developed simple Web site startup tools that can easily put a business online.
“Today, an entrepreneur with no Web presence and little technical know-how can quickly get a basic site designed, registered and online for as little as $12 a month,” Mr. Lee says. “These tools are a boon to the nation’s 23 million small businesses.” offers the following tips for making your online enterprise successful.
* Cyberspace partnerships — link up with other sites through their
affiliate marketing programs, which you can find using their site
* Stand out from the crowd — offer live help and air live Webcasts to
differentiate your site.
* Advertise — register with major search engines and research the cost
per lead to advertise on search results.
* Fulfillment — ship orders quickly, keep items reliably in stock, make
it easy for buyers to find what they need and to return it if it’s not