Supercharge & enhance your docs with PDF files

PDF files are ideal for ensuring that documents you create appear as you have intended them to be. When you create a document in Word or Word Perfect for example you can never be sure if the font, color, margins or other formatting come out the way you want it to look.
Another benefit of using PDF files is that you can manage the security of your document and enable advanced document management functionality using Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 – newly released.
Using Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files you can of course create basic PDF documents for people to read using the free Adobe Acrobat reader.
Going beyond that you can design forms, collect and manage document reviews, and control document permissions such as printing, copying and change. PDF files can also be an ideal document repository allowing you to compile documents from multiple sources.
There’s much more that you can do with PDF files.
If your company relies on the management and control of a lot of documents consider solutions from Adobe.