Technology for a Dog Business – an example for us all

Most of my technology reading is filled with pundits and columnists writing about a particular technology issue – spam, Centrino, viruses, security, e-commerce, Panix and etc. However, there’s a few times, often when reading Inc Magazine that I read an article about how a business is USING technology in their business.

This is one reason why I launched to SHOWCASE that technology is NOT a headache that SMBs must suffer with. No technology is a CRITICAL asset and tool that businesses can use to BOOST Their business!
The New York times wrote a great story that showcases the importance of technology and writes that Top Dog Daycare business in Colorado Springs worked like this Sticky notes affixed to customers’ cards with due dates for their pets’ shots kept disappearing, and the cards themselves were often misfiled, leading to frantic searches for emergency contact information. Customers could not fathom that they were dealing with a paper, pen and telephone operation. (end quote)
What pains me, is that MANY businesses, even in this age of mature online operations and email, work without the aid and benefit of technology. Why? Often times they do not know hot to implement a technology solution. You ask, what about computer consultants, there’s thousands of them and while MANY are good there are MANY that are simply GEEKS (as I am) but do not know how to present a SOLUTION (as I can) and LISTEN to their customer’s needs.
The NY Times continues Three years and about $30,000 in technology investments later, Ms. Hilfers says she does not know how she ever did without the company’s K-9 Connect software, which allows dog owners to book appointments online, view their accounts, post photos of their pets and look in on them during the day through a live Web cam. K-9 Connect also stores the pets’ vaccination records, meal plans and special requirements and has pages on e-commerce, dog training and dog grooming. Without K-9 Connect, Ms. Hilfers says she doubts her company could have tripled its business from about 30 dog visits a day before it was put into use to about 90 today. “We’ve come so far by using this technology, it’s unbelievable,” Ms. Hilfers said.
What I liked about this particular article is that the NY Times has quotes from several tech vendors and shows several technologies in action.
Read the full article here which really encapsulates the great benefits of technology in a small business.