Weak Passwords Make Weak Security

It’s much easier to remember a password like 1234 or your last name or something. Having an easy to remember password, especially for your most secure applications makes them much more vulnerable to being guessed by hackers.
To make things easier for the hacker, they are NOT going to manually type in different passes but launch a computer program to your database which will automatically go through thousands and millions of possible combinations.
If you have an easy to guess password, especially one from the dictionary your chances of getting hacked have just increased.
Instead use passwords that combine letters and numbers, even better have letter and combinations of crazy words.
News Factor writes Weak passwords chosen by people who should know better — system administrators — are the target of a new worm called “MySQL bot.”
According to the Internet Storm Center, which monitors network threats, some 8,000 databases have been affected.
The worm’s programming allows it to guess simple user names and passwords — “weak passwords,” in industry parlance — on computers running the MicrosoftRelevant Products/Services from Microsoft Windows operating system and mySQL, an open source Latest News about open source database Latest News about database.