Who do large companies turn to for the SMB value added services?

When large companies want to offer value added services to their small business customers they turn to Smartonline who provides them with a private label suite of hosted applications to offer to their customers.
Smart OnlineÆ Inc. announced a private-label syndication partnership with Union Bank that powers the renovated Small Business Resource Center of California’s fourth largest commercial bank with business tools from the leader in Web-delivered software for small-to-medium-sized businesses with up to 500 employees.
Smart Online’s software runs as an online business service in all Web browser. This streamlines a wide range of business tasks and enables business owners to dedicate more time towards customers and to boost revenue. There is no need for software installation, maintenance, support and IT expertise, an approach that also reduces cost and risk.
“Smart Online offers the broadest range of practical, effective, business-critical applications for businesses,” said Christy Schmitt, senior vice president with Union Bank’s small business segment. “That gives customers of UBOC the ability to spend less time installing and updating technology, and more time managing the success of the business, generating more revenue — while also taking better advantage of the many benefits of online banking and business operations.”
“The new Union Bank Small Business Resource center provides unparalleled resources to assist small-to-medium businesses with everything from getting a loan to completing a human resources manual,” said Michael Nouri, chief executive officer of Smart Online. “It’s the ideal model for businesses that are busy achieving the American dream of independence. They don’t have in-house technical support. They don’t have time to spend running to the bank everyday. Yet a little help and the right resources will better assist them on the road to business success.”