Your Illegal Microsoft Software Won’t Get Updated

I know there’s MANY smaller businesses, in an effort to save money have illegal copies of Microsoft software. It’s a MUST have software but yet it can be so expensive.
I’ve always advocated that users have legal and the original CD of their software. If something goes wrong and you need to reinstall your software, having the original CD will come in VERY handy.
Microsoft in a continued bid to ensure users are ONLY using legal software will start to limit updates for its software.
What does this mean, if a new virus breaks out, or there’s some security hole that’s discovered (they are discovered on a regular basis) and Microsoft issues a patch to fix the security hole, your illegal software might not get updated.
“Software piracy costs customers, software vendors and national economies billions of dollars every year. The best way to fight software piracy is to ensure that users recognize and receive all the benefits of genuine software,” said Will Poole, senior vice president of the Windows Client Business at Microsoft. “When our customers participate in Windows Genuine Advantage, they will know they have easy access to updates, added-value software offerings and other benefits of genuine Windows XP, not the uncertainty and risks of counterfeit software.”
To help customers who may require more time to move to genuine Windows software, Microsoft is offering security updates through Automatic Updates in Windows, with or without Windows Genuine Advantage validation.