Your Notebook Computer is Fragile: Treat it with care

NoteFix (, a division of Pre-Owned Electronics and a national leader in laptop repair, has compiled a list of the top 3 most fragile components of a notebook computer. Based on repairing over 20,000 laptops, NoteFix?s experience suggests that the top three fragile components are the latch, the AC port, and network card and connector ports.
While these are the most fragile items, they are also three of the most user-abused items. Latches tend to break or wear out because of frequent and aggressive use of mobile computers. AC ports break, or more commonly weaken, when mobile users move their laptops around while the laptop AC adaptor is plugged in, often times shearing the AC connection while it?s inserted into the AC port. It only takes a few occurrences of this to break the AC port connection to the logic board. Network card and USB cable ports are intended to accommodate a connection in only one direction and orientation. Forcing a card that does not fit, is mis-oriented, or is the wrong card damages the card slot, rendering the slot inoperable.
For computer users that have already encountered these problems, NoteFix offers an innovative, Internet-based high-speed laptop computer repair service. Thanks to their on-site inventory of laptop replacement parts, NoteFix can offer a turnaround time of 48 hours on nearly all notebook computers. The company’s flat-rate pricing model ensures most repairs will be completed for less than $350.
A little extra care and caution in handling your laptop can prevent these three very common repairs. For more information on common problems that can frequently go wrong with your notebook computer, visit the Resources section of the NoteFix website, at