Archive of February 2005

Notes: The Branding Diva

Last week I attended a presentation by Karen Post, the Branding Diva. She’s a Fast Company columnist, speaker and consultant. Notes from the evening are here About Karen: For nearly 23 years Karen Post has been developing creative solutions and implementing innovative methods that cause action. From building memorable brands that sell products to moving […]

Microsoft’s Small Biz Site: All About Solutions

I was given a personal tour of Microsoft’s new small business web site last week and was VERY impressed. The web site is RICH in information and solutions focused dead center on Microsoft’s small business customers. Microsoft gets it. Talking about Microsoft’s new web site redesign reminds me of web site redesign Among the […]

Postcard Marketing Your Business

© 2005 Eileen P. Parzek, SOHO It Goes! Contributing Writer, One of the best marketing strategies a business or organization can use is postcards. Even before the arrival of online postcard printing and mailing services, postcards had a good reputation amongst guerilla marketers because: They are fast, easy and relatively cheap – making them […]

Power Your Gadgets and Lose Weight

traveling with a notebook computer, not to mention other needed gadgets ads a lot of weight to one’s bag and causes back pains early in life. USA Today writes While it’s up to you to reduce the number of a gadgets you carry, a company called iGo ( has developed a couple of products that […]

GoToMyPC and LogMeIn: Remote Access To Your PC

Thanks to email and online data storage, accessing your PC remotely might be something that less and less of us do. However, there are many who do not have complex VPNs and remote access solutions. A remote PC access solution is your best bet. There are other solutions such as Mirra’s Personal Server network appliance […]

Web Services are Still Important

Not too long ago Web Services was a very hot buzz word. It is STILL important. Web services are protocols that enable web sites to pass data to one another to make it easier for online transactions to occur. Business Week’s Jim Kerstetter, Technology editor writes Few people seem to actually agree on what a […]

No Reasons for a PDA?
Cnet’s got it WRONG!

Cnet’s Molly Wood, Senior Editor, writes There are zero good reasons to buy a new, single-function PDA. Handheld devices are hemmed in on both sides by either smart phones or laptops–and, actually, a third emerging category, portable media or video players, completes the Bermuda Triangle into which PDAs will soon disappear. Wrong – there are […]

Book Review: Linksys(R) Networks: The Official Guide 3

If you want help building a network especially using Linksys networking gear then check out McGraw-Hill/Osborne’s latest book: Linksys(R) Networks: The Official Guide 3e “The third edition of Linksys Networks: The Official Guide is a great resource for our customers who want to do more with their network,” said Mike Wagner, Linksys director of worldwide […]

What Can a Company Do When a Notebook Computer Grows Legs and Wanders Away?

Credant Technologies writes: Approximately 650,000 notebook computers go missing each year. And, even if companies didn’t have to follow compliance regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley, protecting the always at-risk information stored on notebooks is a high priority. Should that information be lost or stolen, a company could face disastrous ramifications — or, at the […]