Best Software Improves It’s Time & Billing Software

For legal offices and other professions time and billing is vital to ensuring that time on projects is properly billed to the right customer. There’s several solutions on the market including Best Software’s popular Timeslips 2005. For those offices who use Microsoft Outlook having their main products integrate into it is important.
A key new feature in Timeslips 2005 is a tight, bi-directional integration with Microsoft Outlook. A button embedded in Outlook provides instant access to Timeslips action items, such as Tasks, Meetings, Appointments, and E-mail messages, making it easier to turn the time spent on those items into billable slips. Additional Timeslips and Microsoft
Outlook integration includes the ability to:
— Create e-mails, tasks, meetings and appointments from within Timeslips with just one-click and automatically populate the information viewed within Timeslips into the applicable fields in the Microsoft Outlook item being created.
— Synchronize contact information stored in Timeslips and Microsoft
Outlook for improved access to the most up-to-date client names and addresses in both applications.
— Additional improvements to the core time tracking and billing functions available in Timeslips include Intuitive Bill Design with a redesigned bill tool, Improved Time Sheet Entry, and a Back-Dated A/R Report.