Bubbler – a New “Blogging” Tool

I use Blogger.com for posting news to Smallbiztechnology.com – it’s relatively easy to use, fast and has useful features and customization options. Today Five Across, founded in 2003, announced the launch of Bubbler, a web log (blog) creation tool that makes it even easier to produce your own blog.
While blogger.com requires knowledge of HTML to produce good looking and graphic rich blogs, Bubbler has drag and drop image, audio and document placement that makes it easy for just about anyone to create their own blog.
On the downside, Bubbler.com requires the download of a program while Blogger.com can be used from any web browser, thus you are not tied to a specific computer. For those who move around a lot, like myself, being able to quickly update smallbiztechnology.com from any computer, is important.
Blogging is a media-hyped technology right now, but fortunately it is a tool that has REAL business value and WILL continue to grow and increasingly be used by many who want the freedom to publish their own content for fun or for business (which is fun!).
Many people seem to forget that “blogging” is simply another (easier) way to publish web pages. I used to use Microsoft Front Page all the time and still need it for building the bulk of my web site, but now I use blogger.com to produce my regular content. The power of blogging is less the technology of blogging and more the PEOPLE who power the content rich web sites – or blogs.
The Five Across press release reads Five Across, Inc., the Silicon Valley start-up that fused instant messaging with file sharing in 2004, redefined the landscape of web publishing today at DEMO@15! with the announcement of Bubbler(TM), the world’s fastest blogging platform. Bubbler technology leapfrogs existing blogging tools to enable the creation of media-rich blogs at lightning speed. The Bubbler client updates text and pages in real time, allows drag-and-drop photo, audio, and video sharing, and has a group model that provides wiki-like collaboration for authorized users. The Bubbler hosted service is launching as a free public beta and the Bubbler client is available at www.bubbler.com.
Blogging Before Bubbler
The blogging phenomenon is fueled not only by online users’ innate desire to publish, but also by a new generation of tools that simplify web publishing for novices. Blogging software delivers the ability to author pages in a pre- formatted style combined with built-in web hosting, so users don’t need to arrange for web hosting contracts, understand FTP, and become DNS experts. As a result, blogging software has delivered a faster, easier way for consumers and business users alike to publish online. According to blog directory and measurement firm Technorati, 23,000 new weblogs are created every day, yet only 7% of US online consumers currently have blogs, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Five Across’ new Bubbler technology dramatically changes the landscape in rich-media blogging, high speed, and the quality of the resulting pages.
“Five Across takes business blog publishing to a new place,” affirmed Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO@15! “By integrating blog publication into the communication workflow, Five Across might well be the fastest blog tool yet.”
The Bubbler Advantage
Bubbler users create web pages by dragging and dropping their content — blog entries, photographs, and links. Five Across’ Bubbler Server technology combines the content into compelling web pages in real time. While most blog software is limited to text entries, Bubbler excels at photo, audio, and video file handling. Blog authors can now post files of any type, including digital photographs, movies, audio, and other multimedia assets as well as business documents like spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. Content assembled with Bubbler can be presented in dramatically different styles through a rich set of high-quality designer templates.
“We’re closing the gap between simple blogs and full-scale media web sites,” asserted Five Across CEO Glenn Reid. “And we’re building it on top of an extremely high-speed engine that provides the fastest way ever to get content up onto the web.”
The Bubbler Technology
The media-rich hosted sites are powered by Five Across’ Bubbler Server, which integrates multiple network protocols into a powerful and versatile replacement for “antique” web servers. The Bubbler Server transparently integrates web hosting, content management, and messaging, eliminating the need to source and manage separate web server, SMTP, instant messaging, and file sharing systems. Five Across offers blog hosting to Bubbler users on the company’s public Bubbler hosted service and will offer an OEM version of Bubbler Server to ISPs to offer blog hosting to their customers. The Bubbler Workgroup Suite, which includes the InterComm(TM) instant messaging and group collaboration client software, is also available to corporations for business blogging behind the firewall.
“Blog-based collaboration has become a very hot area,” observed Stowe Boyd, president/COO of Corante Research. “What Five Across has accomplished with the integration of blogging within a rich client collaboration tool is extremely exciting.”
Pricing and Availability
The public beta of Bubbler is launching immediately at www.bubbler.com. After the public beta period, Five Across will offer a 30-day free trial and several hosting options starting at $4.99 per month, depending on storage and bandwidth usage. The Bubbler OEM Server is available immediately for ISPs and other blog hosting providers and the Bubbler Workgroup Suite will be available at the conclusion of the public beta.