C3 Expo in New York – Getting The Most Out of It

C3 Expo, formerly PC EXPO, will be coming to New York from 28 – 30 June 2005. Regardless of all the bashing of expos I still think they provide some value for those who go with the right reason.
If you are going just to see a LOT of exhibitors, as in previous years you might be disappointed. If you are going to see a LOT of attendees, as in previous years you might be disappointed.
But if you are going to get up close and personal with technology vendors – you are going for the right reasons. Take a half a day and slowly walk to aisles. Take a look at the hundreds of solutions on display and use the time to TALK, GET INSIGHT and face to face compare solutions from the gathered tech vendors.
H. A. Bruno, LLC, the producers of the new C3 EXPO (Corporate and Channel Computing Expo), June 28-30, 2005 in New York, announced today that C3 EXPO will feature geographical U.S. and international pavilions, representing the international scope of the event.
Under the agreement, the pavilions will feature representative companies from various states and countries, who will demonstrate to C3 EXPO attendees the investment advantages for cooperating with other states and nations.
The value of the pavilions against the backdrop of C3 EXPO, demonstrates the potential of C3 EXPO to bring qualified buyers to meet the major exhibitors at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. The Pavilions are being organized in cooperation with Team International Group/FFWD, of Gainesville, FL, and Mountain View, CA.
Six months before the show, specific pavilions have already been reserved for California, Washington state, Nevada and Florida, as well as Ireland and Malaysia, according to Mark Dineen, vice president of business development at H.A. Bruno, and show director of C3 EXPO.
?Our highly qualified buyers are making technology investment decisions that will support the strategy and the directions of our customers. These pavilions provide early-stage companies with the opportunity to generate visibility at the show, and in the industry,? said Mr. Dineen.
?The business promise is that today?s small, niche company has the potential to quickly develop into tomorrow?s global powerhouse,? added Mr. Dineen.
Andy Olson of Team International Group/FFWD explained that this concept had been developed at technology trade shows of all sizes and core focus areas.
?The major shows have always had a strong international component, and it has never been more important to promote your company, and its products and services on a global scale,? said Mr. Olson. ?There are barriers to entry for small, entrepreneurial companies seeking visibility at a major show. If potential exhibitors have limited staff and limited resources should not prevent companies from participating in this type of forum.?
Prospective exhibitors for the international program welcomed the opportunity to participate at C3 EXPO. Jeff Hyland, president of JWH Enterprises, said: ?We need access to an international audience. New technology is also enabling global business and global management in ways never before imagined. We need to identify new business markets and C3 EXPO seems the perfect venue to accomplish those objectives.?
Juliet Kong, director of the Key International Group, said, ?We have succeeded as an enterprise because of our ability to develop new markets, and to use technology to manage all the logistics and the business objectives or our organization. C3 EXPO is poised to show us new technology processes.?
Unique for a first-year event, C3 EXPO has also been selected as an International Buyer Program event, by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The show will be promoted by the U.S. Commerce Department through its network of embassies, consulates and commercial services.
C3 EXPO will feature an in-depth conference program, special presentations including major keynote speeches by industry leaders. The show will draw a qualified audience to the event in New York City, a hub for I.T. buyers from corporations, organizations and government agencies. For more information, please visit: www.C3expo.com.