Creating Forms For Your Web Site Has Never Been Easier

Creating forms for your web site can be a real pain, yet forms are a VERY important component of ensuring you can communicate with the audience visiting your web site.
CoffeeCup’s Form Builder enables you to add Input Boxes, Text Areas, Lists, Drop Down Boxes, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons and more.

Quask Form Artist is another tool that enables you to easily create powerful forms, with more advanced features, such as workflow, than CoffeeCup form building. I’ve tried Quask Form artist and like it a lot.
With CoffeeCup, you’ll be using Flash, XML and PHP but you don’t have to know any code. Just put in your e-mail address and upload the files!
You can also add images or backgrounds and customize your form with colors, fonts, borders and more. Builder also includes Buttons, Backgrounds, XP Style Graphics and Form Templates to get you started. Use your own images to create unique Forms that no one has ever done or seen before!
You can try out both products for free.