Declare Independence From Tech Support!

ZD Net’s Rafe Needleman writes We recently ran a story on how to survive common technical-support nightmares, such as support reps who speak only eight words of English and 30-minute hold times. Our advice is all good, if I do say so, but I’m here today with an extreme, alternative perspective: Just say no to tech support. Go rogue. Secede from the union and run your own tech country, as it were.
I didn’t realize it until recently, but I’ve been moving in this direction myself for years, dodging tech support whenever I can. After spending a few too many hours listening to synthesizer variations of “Song Sung Blue” during interminable holds, something in my limbic system must have finally switched from tech-support fight into tech-support flight. It’s been working out great for me. I can’t recommend that a tech novice (Hi, Mom!) follow this route, but I’ve found that building a support-free computing setup is actually rewarding, if you have the patience and the knack for it. So here’s the plan here

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