eBay is for Serious Business

eBay might have started out as a place for individuals to sell inexpensive things. However, over the years eBay, as many of you know has become the center of a business to business e-commerce world.
eBay Your Business by McGraw-Hill will give your business a thorough analysis of how to properly do business on eBay.
eBay Your Business is the book you should definitely read before you start doing business on eBay and what you should DEFINITELY read if you’ve already been running your business.
The book contains eBay success stories that give real life examples of businesses that have successfully implemented the particular eBay tip or section the book is referring to in that section.
Topics covered include:
-An overview of eBay it’s history, interesting statistics and more.
-Evaluating Your Business’s Sales Potential
-Research Prices for Your Products
-Compare eBay with Existing Sales Channels
-Cut Costs by Using eBay’s B2B Channels
Part II of eBay Your Business covers the specifics of brining ones business to eBay and includes:
-Lay the Groundwork of Your eBay Identity
-Defining How Your Business Will Work
-Preparing Your Auction Listing
This section explains why it’s so important to invest time to ensure your 55 character listing should be prepared with a lot of concern.
-Automating Your eBay Business with Auction Management Tools
-Refining Your eBay Presence
Part III covers the aspects of integrating your eBay business into your company’s infrastructure
-Align eBay and Your Current Infrastructure
-Utilizing eBay to Market Your Business
-Leveraging Your Brand Online
-Track and evaluate Your eBay Sales
Part IV covers more aspects of Growing your eBay Business