EDI and Warehouse Management Solutions

The warehousing industry is HUGE. Think of all the products you buy – some company somewhere had to source the raw material, make the product and ship it somewhere. It either goes directly to a customer or to a warehouse for further processing.
With large companies like Wal-Mart, reducing costs and forcing their suppliers to do MORE with LESS Electronic Data Interchange and logistics and warehouse management solutions are a must.
This particular announcement from RedTail focused on the accounting program AccountMate, but RedTail is a developer with other accounting programs as well, including Best Software and Microsoft Great Plans.
RedTail Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of integrated outsourced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services for small to midsize suppliers, announced at the AccountMate Synergy 2005 conference an integrated EDI and warehouse management solution for AccountMate Accounting Software customers.
The new integrated solution was created via a three-way partnership between RedTail Solutions, Executive Concepts, Inc. and Figtree Consulting, Inc.
RedTail’s service-based RedTail Transaction Manager™ solution enables suppliers to meet the requirements for electronic trading required by large enterprises in the retail, automotive and distribution segments without having to make their own investment in infrastructure or specialized expertise. Executive Concepts’ ACCU-DART™ warehouse and inventory management solution provides a radio frequency/bar code system that ties together everything from inventory control, pick and pack, shipping, billing and restocking for the small to mid-size enterprise (SME) market. Figtree Consulting is an authorized reseller of the AccountMate Accounting Software solution and has developed a number of application extensions to that product based upon its in-depth expertise with AccountMate software.
The integrated offering provides a complete front-to-back-office business solution for those AccountMate customers that need the capabilities of EDI communications combined with a low-cost warehouse and inventory management solution — all integrated with AccountMate to provide one completely integrated solution.
RedTail CEO Patricia Meisner said, “We are thrilled to be part of a working partnership that is delivering a complete solution for which customers have a demonstrated need. We believe there is no better combination than the RedTail EDI Service, ACCU-DART and the AccountMate Accounting Software for small to mid-size suppliers to fully participate in the global supply chain.”
Steve Rosenstein, vice president of Figtree Consulting, added, “With the introduction of this integrated solution, AccountMate business partners are for the first time able to offer small and mid-size companies a business solution that is optimized for their front-end EDI requirements and their back-end warehouse and inventory management system.”
According to Irwin Ash, president of Executive Concepts, “The marriage of the business solutions delivered by ACCU-DART and RedTail allows us to present two very affordable solutions in their own right, integrated with one of the leading affordable accounting software packages for small to mid-size companies. These three solutions, now operating in unison, provide a fully integrated EDI and warehouse/inventory management solution that was previously only available to the largest of organizations.”
RedTail continues to grow its broad customer base through aggressive programs initiated through close partnerships with a number of leading accounting and business system providers and their reseller networks. RedTail is a current development partner with Best Software (ACCPAC, MAS90/200, and BusinessVision), Microsoft/Great Plains, and AccountMate, among others.