Email Programs – The Biggest is not the winner

Although Microsoft Outlook Express, which comes with Windows and Microsoft Outlook are two of the most popular email clients around, there is a lot of competition from Eudora and Mozilla Thunderbird the Washington Post reports.
I’ve used Eudora, Thunderbird, Outlook Express and Outlook – both have their pluses and both have their minuses.

The Washington Post writes One of the oldest mail programs, Qualcomm’s Eudora (Win 98 or newer, Mac OS X,, is coming off a string of recent updates. The program (named after the writer Eudora Welty) comes in three versions: a free but limited release, a more capable free download subsidized by easily ignored ads in a corner of the screen, and a $50 ad-free edition that adds spam filtering.
Another, Mozilla Thunderbird (Win 98 or newer, Mac OS X, Linux,, debuted in December as a refined version of what’s built into the Mozilla browser. Thunderbird is free and open-source.
Both programs offer some extraordinarily well-done features. But as a whole, they could use more time in the oven.