Eudora’s Critical Security Flaw Fixed

I’ve used Eudora for years and started recently using Mozilla FireFox, which I like so much. For those of you who use Eudora, Qualcomm (the maker of Eudora) announced a fix for several security flaws.
News Factor writes British security Latest News about Security firm Next Generation Security Software (NGSS) has reported a number of high-risk vulnerabilities in the Windows version of the widely used Eudora e-mail client.
The versions affected include Eudora 6.2.0 and below. NGSS has noted that the flaws could permit attackers to execute code remotely on a user’sPC Latest News about PC.
Qualcomm Latest News about Qualcomm has put out an update for Eudora to fix the multiple security flaws. Security firm Secunia Latest News about Secunia, which has rated the flaws as “highly critical,” is advising users to apply the upgrade immediately.