Fewer PDAs are being sold

ComputerWeekly.com, citing an IDC report writes that In the fourth quarter of 2004 analyst IDC said handheld shipments slumped 18.7% (compared with the same quarter in 2003) to 2.8 million units.
For the full year worldwide handheld device shipments reached 9.2 million, a decrease of 13% over 2003’s shipments of 10.6 million units.

I really hope that the Palm and other vendors do not stop making the simple, basic PDA. Sure, fancy PDA-Cell Phone-Email devices are nice, but for many users, all we need is a place to manage our information like tasks, to do lists, memos and etc.
I love my PDA and would hate to go back to paper (well I’ve been using PDAs and organizers for at least 10 – 15 years now) or buy a $300 – $600 smartphone of sorts when I don’t need to.