vs Google

GoDaddy is one of the leading domain name registration companies and has an extensive claim to web hosting and other online services.
Google of course is a billion dollar search engine company – plus a lot more. As of yet, it’s not got too much into online services (like domain name registration, web hosting, or other things). However, I suspect this is going to change SOON, especially in view of the fact that it has received domain name registration accreditation from ICANN.
Bob Parsons, CEO and founder of tells the NY Times “Try to call Google and actually talk to somebody,” he said. “It’s not their forte. Now, they could acquire that, but at the moment it’s a problem I don’t have to deal with, so I’m not thinking about it. If they do, we’ll go to work.”
“Is it possible Google may jump into the hosting and domain name business?” asked Mr. Parsons, of GoDaddy. “Maybe. But the income they’d get from doing that is nickels compared to what they get from being the premier search company.”

Bob Parsons is a smart executive who knows what his customers want and is proof that he knows how to not just survive but thrive. Google might be the biggest challenge he and his team have faced yet, but like a good marine, GoDaddy will be prepared.
Google and GoDaddy, interestingly enough are very similar. Both break into mature markets and beat their competitors on price and service, like Dell does. This battle, that WILL emerge between GoDaddy and Google is going to be interesting.