Harness Your Printing with FinePrint

For many businesses, printing is simply hitting the print icon and hearing paper come out of the printer. However, those businesses that use FinePrint know that printing can be much more and give the user much more control over how the document comes out of the printer.
FinePrint provides enhanced printing controls, enabling users to easily print multiple document pages onto a single sheet of paper, format print jobs to automatically produce booklet-style documents, delete unwanted pages from print jobs (especially useful when printing Web pages), embed letterheads, superimpose watermarks, and much more.
FinePrint recently announced the server edition of FinePrint and its PDF creation tools. The single user edition gives a single user the advanced FinePrint printing features while the server editions gives corporate users:
Centralized installation and updates – Companies can install SE on a Windows server, and any user can access the software by connecting to a shared printer.
Shared configuration – Common settings can be placed on the server for propagation to workstations. For example, PDF security parameters saved on the server will be copied to workstations upon installation.
License management – SE ensures license compliance and allows monitoring and control of license usage on a single server or a group of connected servers.
Configurable user interface – Product features can be removed from the user interface if desired.
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