IBM’s New Notebooks: Built in “LoJack”

Absolute Software (“Absolute”) (TSX-VEN: ABT), a provider of PC Theft Recovery and Secure Asset Tracking(TM) solutions, today announced that IBM is now embedding support for Absolute’s Computrace(R) solutions into the BIOS firmware of their new ThinkPad computers, starting with the new T-series.
Absolute’s Computrace technology powers Absolute’s Guaranteed PC Theft Recovery and Secure Asset Tracking services. In the event a computer is stolen, Absolute guarantees the recovery of the computer, and can remotely delete sensitive data from the stolen computer when data privacy is a concern. If the computer is not recovered within 30-60 days, the customer may be eligible for a Recovery Guarantee payment of up to $1000(x). In addition, Absolute provides customers with a cost-effective solution for tracking computer location, providing computer hardware/software inventories, managing lease returns and enabling software title tracking and license compliance.
“Education experiences a great deal of computer theft and Absolute’s Computrace is the best solution we’ve found for recovering stolen PCs and deterring theft,” said Philip Lombardi, Director of Academic Computing & Media Services at Bryant University. “With IBM placing Computrace in the BIOS, our ThinkPads are the most secure notebooks that we have considered purchasing. It’s like having an undetectable security cable connected to all our remote and mobile computers. On a daily basis Computrace improves our ability to track and manage our computers assets no matter where they are, and in critical situations it goes one step further, and helps us recover our stolen PCs quickly – in all, Computrace saves us both time and money.”
“With our software included in the IBM ThinkPad BIOS, our ‘Anti-Theft’ technology evolves from tamper-resistant to tamper-proof,” said John Livingston, Chairman and CEO of Absolute Software. “Greater emphasis is being placed on the security and protection of remote and mobile computing assets that contain sensitive and confidential information. The timing is right for Absolute to deliver this type of value-added security service. This is a key milestone for Absolute in driving the industry standard for PC Theft Recovery and Secure Asset Tracking services.”
IBM ThinkPads, starting with the new T-Series, will come Computrace-enabled. In order to activate the service, customers will need to purchase a subscription to Absolute’s Computrace service from Absolute or IBM(xx), and must contact Absolute to activate the service.