Linux From Servers to Desktops

Linux is a powerful platform for servers, network and other appliances and is growing in use. On the desktop, however, its use has been less. However at Linux World, Network World reports Among the 6000 attendees at last week’s LinuxWorld Expo were several IT professionals touting big savings and improved performance as the drivers to migrate server applications to Linux. Meanwhile, some users are beginning to look at Linux on the client side as a way to ease Windows desktop management and support headaches.
Network World reports businesses are beginning to see that Linux is not necessarily going to save them money (sure there is no “cost” to buy it compared to the cost to buy Windows) using Linux but do find that installing Linux can be useful for its built in tools which make it easier to manage.
Network World writes J. Craig Manning, IT manager at Cisco estimates that it takes a company one desktop administrator to support 40 Windows PCs, but just one administrator to support 200 to 400 Linux desktops.

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