Making Online Publishing Easier and Easier

Further to my earlier post introducing blogging tool, the Associated Press writes about several new tools in this genre. The AP writes A new crop of tools aims to help turn the Web, be it on the public Internet or a company network, into much more than a collection of documents one visits like a museum: Look, but don’t touch.
You should seriously evaluate and decide if publishing a blog or something similar is a viable opportunity for your business. If you missed my “Blogging for Business” webinar today, hosted by – you missed an information rich webinar.
There are many tools available for easily publishing online content – you’ve got to decide which one is for you.
Although, “blogging” as it is now known has recently become popular it has been around in various forms for MANY years. In fact many newspapers and other media have used various content publishing tools for years as well.
The AP continues The idea is to make it easy to quickly post and remove stuff from digital bulletin boards where the online communities of the future will gather to catch up and trade ideas, images and work. All are trying to address in one way or another an emerging trend of making the Web less disjointed and more democratized – a richer, more organized forum for gathering and sharing information.
These companies, and many others, are all part of a growing industry specializing in what Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li calls “social media.”
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