Mobile Virus Threats Are Serious

Info World writes viruses, worms and other security threats, IBM said in a security report. In its 2004 Global Business Security Index Report, Big Blue’s Global Security Intelligence Services team called the trend “troubling.”
“Email worms such as Bagle, Netsky and Mydoom led the pack in the number of variants and overall impact,” IBM said. “During the latter part of 2004, a growing number of viruses aimed at PDAs and other mobile devices, such as the Cabir worm, were released. It is likely that such worms will be used by copycats and may spur an epidemic of viruses aimed at mobile devices.”
The report said mobile devices, such as PDAs and cell phones will be new targets of opportunity for viruses, spam and other threats, with Bluetooth and other wireless technologies connecting mobile devices providing attractive targets.

As more and more businesses use mobile devices and integrate them into their businesses it is SO IMPORTANT to understand that security must not just reside on the corporate network, but must extend to all mobile devices. Palm and Microsoft Pocket PC are not immune to a virus attack which can then spread to the corporate network via synchronization or increasingly direct wireless device to network connectivity.
It is important to start to implement protective measures to ensure your mobile devices are virus free. Symantec, McAfee and other vendors sell software to protect mobile devices.
Read IBM’s Security Index Report Press Release