MSN Search – not too bad

At the end of the day, WE, the consumer will determine who wins, who loses and who stays in the middle in the search wars of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and any others.
If you are interested in MSN’s search engine, USA Today has a nice overview of it.
Edward Baig writes “What is the life expectancy of women in Japan? The answer, posted at the top of the screen: 84.5 years. “How many calories are there in spinach?” Answer: “1.0 cup has 7 calories, 1.0 package (10 oz) has 65 calories, 1.0 leaf has 2 calories, 1.0 bunch has 78 calories.” “Who shot Abraham Lincoln?” Answer: “American actor John Wilkes Booth, who was a violent backer of the South…”
For more detail, I could click on links. MSN includes a shortcut to Microsoft’s fine Web-based encyclopedia Encarta.

I like the integration with an Encyclopedia, it’s not for business necessarily but for students or other information seekers this can be great.