The Next Version of Windows Will Arrive in June

Right now many of you are using Windows XP, many of you are using Windows 2000 and millions of you still insist on using Windows 98, and yikes – Windows 95.
If you are not at least using XP or 2000 you really are missing out on a better computing experience.
Having said that, Microsoft is working on the NEXT major version of Windows, code named Lonhorn. I wouldn’t worry about moving to this new version until a year or two after its official release but it’s good if you at least are aware of what’s coming out.
ZD Net writes “There will be a beta 1 of Longhorn…happening in the first half of this year,” John Montgomery, a director in Microsoft’s developer division, said during an interview at VSLive, a conference devoted to the company’s Visual Studio.Net toolkit. The release will be primarily aimed at developers, Montgomery said. “I do, however, expect that you will find IT departments starting to look at it, kick the tires, figure out what’s in it and what’s not in it.”
Longhorn has changed significantly since then, with Microsoft announcing changes in August affecting all three of the key pillars of Longhorn. Two of the components–a presentation engine called Avalon and a Web services architecture called Indigo–are being pulled out of the next Windows release so they can be offered for both Longhorn and the current generation of Windows operating systems.
The third major component, a reworking of the Windows file system known as WinFS, has been delayed past Longhorn’s release and is expected to be in beta testing when Longhorn ships. It is unclear when WinFS will be integrated into Windows itself.