No Reasons for a PDA?
Cnet’s got it WRONG!

Cnet’s Molly Wood, Senior Editor, writes There are zero good reasons to buy a new, single-function PDA. Handheld devices are hemmed in on both sides by either smart phones or laptops–and, actually, a third emerging category, portable media or video players, completes the Bermuda Triangle into which PDAs will soon disappear.
Wrong – there are plenty of reasons to buy a PDA.
There is still a market for those of US who have a simple cellular phone (I rarely use mine) and PDA (which I use all the time).
Sure it’s NICE to have a Treo, Blackberry or some other device that nicely blends a PDA with a phone but I don’t need it. I do not use a cell phone very much and really ONLY need access to my calendar, contacts and bits of information notes (the memo/note portion of my PDA).
There appears to be a growing cry about the death of the PDA. Sure, it’s market share is decreasing but there’s MANY reasons to still buy a PDA and I encourage every small business owner to have one.
I like the comfort of having two devices – one that is PERFECT for talking and one that is just fine for contacts and agendas.