Pay As You Go For Technology Services

It can be a tough “cash flow” pill to swallow when you have to lay out a large sum of money for new computers and the technology services and accessories that go with it.
IBM, Cnet reports, is amending its current “pay-as-you-go” program to allow businesses to have more flexibility in the menu of services and products they are charged a monthly, per employee fee for.
Cnet writes Under the terms of the program, IBM will acquire PC hardware from any vendor the customer requires and essentially lease that hardware to the customer. That customer can select from a menu of services paid for on a per-PC, per-month basis and can also add new services as they see fit, he said.
Besides delivering PC hardware, IBM will offer services such as image management and maintaining companies’ custom software. It will also offer an application deployment and update service; a data backup and recovery service; data migration from old systems to new ones; and security services such as antivirus protection and firewalls. In addition, Big Blue will provide a PC help desk service, along with asset reporting and PC disposal.