Power Your Gadgets and Lose Weight

traveling with a notebook computer, not to mention other needed gadgets ads a lot of weight to one’s bag and causes back pains early in life.
USA Today writes While it’s up to you to reduce the number of a gadgets you carry, a company called iGo (www.igo.com) has developed a couple of products that will let you leave most of their cords and cables at home.
Hmmmm…Knowing how technology fails, I would rather have more weight and be secure in knowing that I have the original power cables and cords for my gadgets.
USA Today continues The $120 iGo Juice is a multipurpose power system sold in Radio Shack stores and online. Adapters at one end of the Juice can be used to draw power from standard AC wall outlets or from a DC plug, such as a car’s cigarette lighter or plugs offered on some airplanes.
The other end of the system works with a variety of plugs designed for different computers and similar devices.
The adapter set of 10 plug tips included versions that fit Fujitsu Dell, Sony, IBM and other laptop brands.
A companion product from iGo called EverywherePower delivers juice to smaller devices, such as PDAs, cell phones and digital cameras.