Security: Sometimes Being Quiet is Best (FireFox and IE)

Because Microsoft Internet Explorer is so popular it’s often the target of attacks by hackers exploiting its vulnerabilities.
Another problem is that Microsoft often publicizes its vulnerabilities further letting malicious persons know what holes it has.
Security company PIVX Solutions comments Back when Mozilla 1.0.1 was released PIVX Solutions asked why the Mozilla Foundation had not published the 25 critical vulnerabilities it had fixed since 1.0. Our public request lead the Mozilla Foundation to engage deeper in security notifications and prompted the development of a list of known vulnerabilities in the Mozilla suite. This list has since been expanded several times, most lately today with the addition of public security advisories.
Thor Larholm, senior security researcher at PIVX Solutions has the following comment on the recent development.
“The only reason why Mozilla and Firefox has a good track record in security with a low number of security vulnerabilities is simply because they don’t tell anyone about them. The Mozilla foundation has fixed hundreds if not thousands of security vulnerabilities over the last few years without notifying the world and without providing security patches, instead they have simply just told their users to upgrade. We have to remember that all software has security vulnerabilities, the only difference is in how we anticipate them and inform the world about their existence once discovered”.