Shopping Online for my Valentine

One reason I love Valentine’s Day is that it gives me yet one more reason to spoil my wife. My target this time – a gold colored, bracelet watch for my wife.
I first went to Macy’s and could not find what I wanted. A friend suggested I try a watch at but it was not quite wanted I wanted. Furthermore, did not make it clear that they could have the watch to me in time for Valentine’s Day and I could only select the shipping option AFTER I paid for the watch.
I noticed that WatchZone was the partner selling the watch so I went directly to WatchZone’s web site ( lost the commission) to see if WatchZone had the watch I was looking for – and they did.
Since I was not familiar with WatchZone I gave them a call – no answer – and left a voice mail. I never got a call back. However, I figured if they are an partner maybe they want everything via the web and just have crappy phone service.
I purchased the watch and was pleasantly surprised to receive it the next day. I got an email confirming my order, an email the night before it shipped and an email telling me it had arrived! I’m impressed and happy.

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