SmartOnline launches a web conferencing product

SmartOnline, makers of a suite of online applications and services for small-medium sized businesses is launching their newest service – web conferencing powered by Convoq.
Like an office supply store, SmartOnline makes it easy for its customers to have one place to shop for a growing suite of business products and services.
SmartOnline‘s press release reads: The conferencing and collaboration tools are available immediately to Smart Online users and the network of companies that offer Smart Online’s private-label products and services to their business customers. This network includes, among others, INC Magazine, Fast Company Magazine, JP Morgan Chase, Union Bank of California and Bank One.
The conferencing and collaboration tools will also be part of Smart Online’s next-generation service, OneBiz Conductor, which will be introduced in mid-February at DEMO, a conference that introduces products and services that ignite new technology markets and challenge the status quo.
“Smart Online customers are demanding cost-effective, productive conferencing and collaboration tools that allow users to share documents and work collaboratively on their Smart Online Applications,” said Michael Nouri, chief executive officer and president of Smart Online. “Convoq provides a rich feature set and flat fee pricing, making it an attractive alternative to costly pay-as-you-go Web conferencing systems.”
The partnership combines instant messaging, application-sharing, video conferencing, VoIP and other online conferencing and collaboration tools from Convoq with Web-native software from Smart Online for starting, running and growing a small business.
“Smart Online is a great vehicle for small business owners who may not have the resources for full-scale implementations of the technology they need to run their businesses,” said Chuck Digate, chief executive officer and president of Convoq. “The partnership perfectly complements Convoq’s strategy of delivering collaboration services to customers that fit their work habits and usage needs.”
With flat fee monthly subscriptions for unlimited use, Smart Online customers will be able to:
* Pitch prospects and collaborate with customers using video, audio, instant messaging and PowerPoint presentations;
* Reduce travel costs by holding sales meetings online to review forecasts and provide updates;
* Launch and demonstrate products and services, stage events and make corporate announcements with integrated video and VoIP;
* Train customers and employees by sharing applications and screens, complete with integrated annotation capabilities.