Symantec’s Products Need Security Patches Too

Microsoft gets hit on the head so often about the security holes in its products, but let’s not forget that every software vendor must issue patches periodically. Many are simple updates to products to make them operate better but others are security updates.
Information Week writes Symantec on Tuesday released patches for a vulnerability found in a large number of its products, including flagship titles such as BrightMail AntiSpam, AntiVirus Corporate Edition, and its 2004 consumer slate.
I would highly suggest that you regularly updated your core computing products, this includes office applications (be it Microsoft Office, Corel Wordperfect Suite or something else), security applications (anti-virus and other products) and any other important applications like email.
Information Week writes further Symantec posted a security alert on its Web site that listed the 29 vulnerable Windows (and Macintosh) products, along with recommendations to update and/or upgrade the flawed software.