Toshiba touts new business notebooks

As I’ve written before, when buying a notebook computer there is really no HUGE difference in the top tier vendor offerings. The main think to think about is weight, processor speed, memory, hard disk size, wireless connectivity and keyboard feel.
Cnet writes about Toshiba’s new line notebooks The Tecra M3 and S2 feature enhancements in processing, graphics, security and memory over the existing lines of notebooks, the company said. The products feature Intel’s Centrino mobile technology and Pentium M processors with a 533MHz front side bus, integrated wireless local-area network connectivity and a 915 Express chipset. Both notebooks have GeForce Go 6 Series PCI Express bus graphics processors from Nvidia.
I’ve been using a Gateway M320 notebook for a few months now and it works great. Fast and more USB ports that I need. I would like to see it come with a printer port, but you can’t have everything. The lighter the notebook, the less it will have.