Undelete and Version Tracking for Microsoft Office Files

One of the most horrifying technology crisis’ is the deletion of data, especially lots of data. Be it 100 email messages or 10 years of financial records. A less importance, possibly, but having a greater chance of occurring is the deletion of an important document you are working on.
Executive Software has a solution and will shortly announce the release of Undelete 5.0 which not only simplifies and speeds up retrieval of lost or deleted data, but now adds automatic file versioning for Microsoft Office files. Users with the least protection, such as students and home office users now have a powerful and easy to use data protection solution.
As users modify and save Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint files, Undelete 5 will transparently capture the earlier versions of these files in the exact state they were in before being modified and saved. Sometimes users need to go back to an earlier version and new Undelete 5.0 now provides that missing version protection as well as deleted file protection.
According to George Goodrich, Undelete Product Manager for Executive Software, ?Anyone who uses Microsoft Office will benefit from the new, expanded data and version protection provided by Undelete 5.0. We?ve all had moments where having access to all the earlier versions of a file we?ve been working on for weeks would have made a huge difference. It only takes just one of these incidents to appreciate the importance of the data protection safety net that?s put in place the moment you install Undelete 5.0 on your desktop or laptop.?
Undelete saves users the time, trouble and aggravation it would take to recreate work lost due to improvident file deletions and/or file version overwrites. Best of all, users can recover their own files without having to involve helpdesk or other IT staff bandwidth.
Undelete Professional, Home, or Server versions 5.0 are available on 14 February 2005 at: http://www.executive.com/file-recovery/file-recovery.asp or through your favorite reseller. Undelete lists for $39.95 for the Workstation, $29.95 for the Home edition or $299.95 for a Server version.