Updated Remote Access Service: I’m In Touch

Communique Laboratory Inc. (www.01com.com) has released an updated version (4.0) of it’s remote access software I’m In Touch.
In addition to the regular remote access/control features found in traditional remote access solutions I’m In Touch has new features.
Competitors to I’m in Touch include GoToMyPC.com (an advertiser on smallbiztechnoloyg.com) LapLink, LogMeIn, PCAnywhere, Remoteexplorer.com and others.
From their press release, new features include:
New and highly intuitive user interface
The service, already unique for its ability to provide a user a variety of ways to remotely view data on their PC from any PC or wireless device connected to the Internet, introduces a highly intuitive new user interface with direct login to specific PC data. The design enhancements recognize that the needs of each remote access user and the data they require access to, vary. The navigation required to get to particular PC information is minimized.
One user may login requiring complete control of the PC to run any program or change settings, while another user may login directly to their PC’s file system to quickly retrieve file information they require or direct to Outlook data. Most remote access solutions only support navigating the entire desktop to get to the data required.
Invite guests and run a sales presentation
Additional enhancements have also been introduced to further support a variety of real-life remote access applications. These include the ability for a user to invite guests to their PC and establish rights as to what information on the PC the guest will be able to access.
This new functionality allows, for example, an I’m InTouch user to run online presentations or demonstrations from their PC with the assurance that the guest remote viewer(s) cannot take control of the PC.
Allow a remote control session to provide technical support
Another real life example is that of an I’m InTouch user utilizing the service to allow a family member to provide remote PC technical support. The family member can be invited to the PC with complete and unrestricted access so that they are able to change and manage all computer settings and programs.