Virtual Checkout Lines Make The Difference in Sales

Did you know that the check out process you have on your web site is a VERY important part of the sales process?
Companies spend so much money on their web sites only to ignore the look, feel and usability of their check out page.
The New York Times writes About half of prospective customers bail out of their purchases sometime after selecting products and before hitting the buy button, according to Forrester Research, a technology consultant. That phenomenon has prompted sites like and to find new ways to shepherd customers smoothly through the checkout process. As traditional retailers sharpen their online operations, those kinds of improvements could be critical in winning business.
In referencing improved check out technology William Sander III, general manager of XV Beacon, a Boston hotel that started using the iHotelier reservation system last year, said the technology paid for itself in a month. “It was phenomenal,” he said. “We went from doing tens of thousands of dollars a year in revenues online to a couple hundred thousand.” writes the New York times. Read the full article here
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