What Can a Company Do When a Notebook Computer Grows Legs and Wanders Away?

Credant Technologies writes: Approximately 650,000 notebook computers go missing each year. And, even if companies didn’t have to follow compliance regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley, protecting the always at-risk information stored on notebooks is a high priority. Should that information be lost or stolen, a company could face disastrous ramifications — or, at the very least, a severely damaged reputation. CREDANT(R) Technologies understands these problems and has introduced the Windows encryption component of its CREDANT Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition to provide a new class of security for notebook computers.
“Can you imagine what could happen if, for example, a financial services company employee lost a notebook with vital client account data on it — or if a hospital employee misplaced a mobile device that contained sensitive patient information?” asked CREDANT Technologies President and CEO Bob Heard. “CREDANT recognizes the need to protect mobile data at all times, and the Windows intelligent encryption feature of our Mobile Guardian product keeps that information secure.”
CREDANT’s intelligent encryption feature offers a more complete, more flexible alternative to folder/file-based encryption and full hard disk encryption solutions. With folder/file-based encryption, a company cannot guarantee that all of its data is secure, and, though effective, full hard disk encryption is difficult to deploy and can cause serious productivity losses if a user cannot get access to a notebook computer because the operating system has been corrupted by encryption. CREDANT Mobile Guardian offers security for all of the data on a mobile device, but, unlike the other approaches, it is easy to use, implement and manage.
“Static choices of files and folders for selective encryption could leave new, dynamically created data unprotected,” said Gartner Analyst John Girard. “On the other hand, adding full disk encryption to workstations in the field and in use is a distracting task, and even a fast installation could take many hours for the initial encryption to be completed.”
The CREDANT Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition is designed for enterprises that require a centralized solution that integrates with their existing IT infrastructure. CREDANT Mobile Guardian benefits organizations that need to enforce security and ensure compliance on a large number of mobile devices with access to the network.
“As the leading provider of financial services to credit unions and their members, CUNA Mutual Group takes protecting that private information very seriously, said Bill Jubeck, Tech. Delivery & Infrastructure Services Manager for CUNA Mutual, a customer who is piloting CREDANT’s encryption solution. Though recent legislation mandates compliance on protecting confidential information, CUNA Mutual began researching a potential encryption solution before legislation was enacted.
“In an effort at putting our customers’ interests first, we began researching a security solution before legislation mandating compliance existed,” added Jubeck. “We liked the CREDANT solution for its integration with Active Directory and enterprise management abilities. We also wanted a solution that would minimize the impact on our users.”