WristWatch PDA – Some Things Are Just Dumb

Fossil has created a PDA the size of a wristwatch, but why I’m not sure. It appears the ONLY reason they did so was because – they could.
The Washington Post writes it best It’s for people who not only don’t mind that it’s big — half an inch thick and 1 5/8 by 2 inches wide — but who like that fact, who want to call attention to their wristwear. The Wrist PDA’s dimensions as well as its boxy, brushed-metal casing should see to that; this could be the Honda Element of timepieces.
This is a glaring example of technology gone useless. My focus, however, is on YOU. When you consider buying technology, even if you are advised by a consultant, ask the following questions:
– how will this technology benefit me
– what will the ROI be more my business
– once implemented can it be properly used in my business
There are so many other questions I could list here but the point is to ensure that before you buy technology you are no buying the technology for the sake of buying the technology. Fossil hit a real dud with this watch.
Read the full Washington Post article here