A “Yahoo” just for Businesses

BusinessInfoGuide.com makes it easier for entrepreneurs to start a business by providing a directory of hundreds of links to trade associations and publications, products, articles and other resources. The directory currently offers industry information for starting the following types of businesses: antiques & collectibles, cleaning (home & commercial), eBay, food & beverage, gift baskets, health & fitness, internet & computers, pet services, public speaking, publishing, sports, travel and a variety of retail businesses.
This resource is an “ok” starting point for finding online information and books related to specific industries. I say ok, as the links provided are not much more than you might find by searching on Google or Yahoo. The benefit of BusinessInfoGuide.com however is that a human has taken the time to put links and books together so you can QUICKLY find the information you need.
BusinessInfoGuide owner Stephanie Chandler says she was frustrated when researching how to open a bookstore in 2003. “The internet is full of how-to advice, but I had a hard time locating information specific to my industry. I needed to find trade associations and
learn about book collecting and book selling and it took countless hours of internet surfing to find what I needed.”
After fleeing an 11-year career in the Silicon Valley in 2003, Chandler opened Book Lovers Bookstore in Sacramento and began evaluating the need for businessInfoGuide.com. She says, “I started networking with other business owners and realized that they had the same frustrations that I had. After a friend opened a retail store in San Francisco, I asked him what the most daunting part of the process was. He said, ‘finding my vendors and trade associations.’ The minute he said it, I knew I was onto something.”
The site lists books specific to each industry and provides links directly to Amazon.com. There are also links to locate business licensing requirements for each of the fifty states and a variety of vendors are already listed on the site making it easy for prospective entrepreneurs to get started.
Chandler is adding new information daily and promises more industry guides, vendor links and articles are on the way.
BusinessInfoGuide.com is already receiving steady site traffic and subscription requests for the free business newsletter.
Chandler adds, “We’re in a time when job satisfaction is down and more and more people are considering starting their own businesses. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find what you need and get started. The information is out there, I just want to make it easier to find it.”