Archive of March 2005

Symantec Anti-Virus: UPDATE IT NOW

Symantec announced major flaws in its Symantec Anti-Virus product and it’s important that you update your version NOW. ZD Net writes In a notice posted on its Web site this week, Symantec detailed two similar vulnerabilities found in its Norton AntiVirus software, which is sold on its own or bundled in Norton Internet Security and […]

Windows XP Software – Ensure It’s Legal

Microsoft will be increasingly combating illegal use of its software by requiring that those who want to update their software with free updates from, have legally purchased software they wish to update. Currently you can go to and download many add-ons to Windows software. Even if Microsoft didn’t initiate this crack down, its […]

Toshiba’s New Battery Recharges In One Minute

While one one hand companies are working to extend the life of notebook batteries, Toshiba is also working to make batteries that charge faster. TechWeb writes Toshiba on Tuesday announced a new lithium-ion battery — the type used in virtually all laptops — that recharges 60 times faster than current batteries and loses less than […]

NY Times on – cold call reduction

I wrote about’s “contacts for sale” business some weeks ago. The NY Times has a good overview of how it works as and writes: The idea of circumventing the drudgery of finding potential clients helped inspire Mr. Fowler and several colleagues to start Jigsaw Data. The company, based in San Mateo, Calif., is a […]

The Growth of Appliances: Simple and Cheap

PCs – they can do so many things, but are so complex. Appliances do ONE thing, and do it very well. There are spam filtering appliances, search engine appliances from Google, and etc. Cnet writes Costs of hardware have been pushed down persistently for years, making appliances cheaper to buy. Also, standardization is increasingly common […]

Printers With Built-In WiFi Looking Good

Printers that can only use a parallel cable connection are needed but are limited. Enabling wireless printing is a way to add flexibility. The Washington Post has a review of some options and writes Printers often get left behind when WiFi comes to a home — the cables needed to link them to a PC […]

Mexico – Viva Earthlink!

I’ve been in Mexico for the past several days and have not yet, come across one WiFi spot. I’m sure there are hotspots but I’m probably not in a place where one is located. I was a bit worried that I would not have easy access to email or the web, HOWEVER, Earthlink has local […]

MCI To Add 4,800 New Wi-Fi Hotspots

WiFi, wireless internet in public places is expanding. Unfortunately there are less “free” hot spots around but there are many WiFi hot spots that you can pay to use. News Factor writes MCI Latest News about MCI has announced plans to expand its international Wi-Fi Latest News about Wi-Fi infrastructure into the UK and Europe […]