Benefits of Good Web Design

Many of you know this and have heard it over and over again…great web design can make or break a web site. Why do,, (soon) and others invest so much into the design and functionality of their web sites?
They want customers to have as easy an experience as possible shopping online. Read my 10 Web Site Musts
eWeek writes Web users can probably rattle off a list of sites they find unfriendly and difficult to use and navigateóas well as a list of sites that are intuitive and easy to browse and that, not surprisingly, keep them coming back. All businesses, especially those that rely on Web visitors for profit, should do everything they can to make sure they are on that second list of user-friendly and well-designed sites.
However, for large businesses, achieving good Web site design is easier said than done. Corporations, especially those that derive revenue from the Web, face many challenges that can interfere with good Web design. These can include the need to incorporate and work with older Web-based content, which may be several site redesigns old; complications or restrictions caused by the Web CMS (content management system); and conflicting requirements from different departments in the company.