Blogging is NOT just Hype: It’s a TOOL

There is so much attention being given to blogs and blogging that I fear businesses will get caught up in the HYPE of blogging and miss its true substance.

InfoWorld’s Chad Dickerson writes One key aspect of blogs that?s often ignored is the basic technical architecture, which makes information in blogs uniquely accessible. Most blogging software (such as Movable Type and Radio Userland) issues a ?ping? for each new blog post to ping servers that allow blog-specific search engines and services to index or otherwise process content in near real time. ( Technorati, which runs its own ping servers, has claimed that the median time for a new blog post to enter its index is 7 minutes.) This rapid inclusion into search indexes means that blog-specific search tools such as Technorati, Feedster, and PubSub beat the pants off the seemingly all-powerful Google (Profile, Products, Articles) when it comes to aggregating and indexing blog content quickly.
As you consider blogging for your business, remember that blogging is only a TOOL. Chad helps us understand how this valuable tool can be used. I like blogging as it lets me post fresh content from anywhere I can get access to a web browser. The other benefit is how quickly information can be PUSHED to your audience.