Book Review: Aggressive Network Self-Defense

Aggressive Network Self-Defense provides security professionals and forensic specialists with invaluable information for finding and prosecuting criminal hackers. The book demonstrates controversial network strike-back and countermeasure techniques and shows readers tightly guarded secrets to find out who is really attacking them over the Internet.

If a robber breaks into your house, do you have the right to defend yourself and your property? If a menacing figure assaults you on the street, does the law allow you to hit back? Of course. What if a criminal hacker launches a worm at your network or tries to compromise your server to steal your data? Now…things get interesting. The tools, techniques, and training separating white hat from black hat hackers are almost indistinguishable to the point where the terms have become almost meaningless in the inner sanctum of the security world. As a result, these warring factions define themselves by their motives and their results,
more than their means. “Aggressive Network Self-Defense” provides a detailed and rare glimpse into the daily attacks and counterstrikes, which are defining the new boundaries of the Internet.