Business Wireless Services and Equipment Spending On the Rise

New In-Stat Research Explores Corporate Buying of Wireless Services and Equipment in 2004
Since Average Revenue Per User (ARPUs) are higher from business customers than from consumers, wireless carriers have a keen focus on growing the amount of revenue that comes from their corporate accounts, according to In-Stat. The high-tech market research firm recently completed an in-depth study based on surveys with more than 600 wireless decision-makers in the US.
Some of the key findings of the study include:
* The average percentage of employees using wireless voice services within organizations increased on a year-over-year basis in all company sizes, but especially at SOHO firms.
* Average per-company 2004 wireless spending remained relatively flat over the past year. About one-third of the wireless services budget is now dedicated to data, indicating the increasing importance of wireless data in the business environment. The vast majority (91%) of responding companies now use wireless data somewhere in their company, either on a limited or a widespread basis. The new Cingular is the largest primary provider of wireless WAN data services.
* Corporate wireless spending is currently greatest with the newly-merged Cingular. Verizon Wireless made some significant gains, primarily at AT&T Wireless’ (now part of Cingular) expense over the past year.
* The newly-merged Cingular is most often used as a primary wireless provider. However, Verizon Wireless gained strongly on AT&T Wireless as a primary wireless provider.
* Besides service quality, price, and coverage, billing options are most important in selecting a wireless provider. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are becoming more critical to large enterprises.
* Verizon Wireless’s customers are most satisfied with it as a primary provider; AT&T Wireless’ and Nextel’s customers are least satisfied.
* There is strong overlap between wireless and wireline providers, and one-third of respondents are receiving integrated bills. Pricing is critical to selling integrated wireless/wireline solutions. Billing solutions and customer care are also important.
* Wireless phones are the most widely used and approved access device type; however, PDA, smartphone and wireless WAN PC cards are allowed more often than in the past.
The report, “Corporate Buying of Wireless Services and Equipment: 2004” (#IN0502447CS),provides detailed information regarding the demand for cellular/wireless voice and data services in the business environment, at the overall level, by company size and vertical market. As the research was also conducted in 2003, year-to-year data and trends are also included. To purchase this report, or formore information, please visit: