BuyerZone: eBay+ for Businesses

While the continued increase in online consumer shopping receives a lot of media attention, businesses are likewise increasing their use of the Web – particularly e-marketplaces – to conduct their own research and gain connections to suppliers of much-needed purchases.
Next week, an e-marketplace for small to large business owners who need fast, efficient access to suppliers, will achieve its TWO MILLIONTH referral to suppliers of business products.
I’ve used BuyerZone on several occasions and it is one of the best places to go for business that want to buy business products and services for two reasons:
1. It’s not JUST about BUYING something, but BuyerZone has a huge library of INFORMATION about each product and service it sells
2. You don’t have to deal with contacting multiple buyers to ensure you get the best price and a quality product/service and buying experience. Using BuyerZone you can reach 3, 10, 20 different buyers – they come to you – and from your office select the bust vendor for the particular product/service you need.
It’s NOT just paper supplies and color copiers that businesses owners are looking for. Using BuyerZone, business buyers nationwide research and compare pricing on products and services ranging from phone systems and LCD projectors to plasma screens, fork lifts and ATM Machines. YES! Want a competitive quote on a fork lift? BuyerZone delivers many options – and suppliers are competing hard for the timely, highly-targeted leads they receive.
BuyerZone gives businesses and suppliers what consumers have enjoyed for years – research and buying products online: SIMPLIFIED. With hundreds of
thousands of registered buyers and sellers, millions of transactions processed, and billions of dollars in sales facilitated since 2003, it’s clear the need and growth of B2B e-marketplaces is on the rise.
eBay is great for consumers and for businesses, but businesses who want great prices and quality products from quality vendors should first stop at BuyerZone.