CMP Media Web Sites Launch Upgraded Vendor-Content Initiative

New KnowledgeStorm Relationship Creates Comprehensive, Integrated Research and Product Libraries
CMP Media announced a major upgrade to its network of vendor-produced content libraries across 45 of the company’s technology web sites. These libraries, powered by KnowledgeStorm ( ),a technology search site and provider of technology solutions content, lay the groundwork for a comprehensive set of IT product, services and research directories designed to help technologists access vendor-created content in an intuitive and integrated manner.
CMP Media’s online technology properties cover the full spectrum of today’s business-to-business IT issues, with diverse subject matter from general business and technology sites to a wide range of vertical industry and topic-specific properties.
“The combination of KnowledgeStorm and CMP Media offers content depth for the decision makers who are truly interested in downloading technology vendor data. Our new upgraded program moves beyond white papers to provide visitors with one-stop access to all available vendor content,” said Mike Azzara, CMP Media’s VP/Group Director of Internet Business. “The library network is part of CMP’s long-term internet strategy to improve and increase our audience’s access to critical information to facilitate technology buying decisions. We launched these vendor-produced content libraries on ten of our websites and we are adding new sites daily.”
The new white paper library network will enable users to review product research and, ultimately, locate products through a product finder. Links to the library will be contextually placed throughout CMP web sites to provide users with vendor information that is most relevant to them at that moment.
The launch began with ten vendor-content libraries serving nearly two million unique technology users monthly. CMP’s largest properties including InformationWeek, TechWeb and Network Computing, are featuring their own customized white paper libraries. Other CMP sites: CommWeb, ChannelWeb, Software Development Magazine, InternetWeek, Insurance & Technology, Security Pipeline and Wall Street & Technology, also launched the improved library functionality.
Each branded vendor-content library provides a subset of content targeted for the site’s audience. The libraries enable the user to access vendor data in three ways: a basic search function (i.e., company name or company reference), a more advanced search functionality (“BSD Unix operating system”) and a complete browse tree (with subject links and hyperlinks) providing quick access to exactly the information they need. Additionally, there is a “My Library” feature, which enables users to save vendor content.