Dell: Making Consultants a Commodity

Dell’s first wave (and this continues) is making computers a commodity and being able to keep its operations as efficient as possible. While most of its competitors are not profitable selling computers Dell is.
In this same way, Dell is making networking, storage and others service oriented solutions as easy as possible for small businesses and turning even these things into a commodity.
In a recent briefing, Frank Muehleman vice president and general manager of Dell’s Small and Medium Business (SMB) division explained that while Dell knows the role of consultants are important its main focus is to “Intuit-ise” computing by enabling small businesses to do as much of the work themselves (regarding technology setup) and require the services of a technology consultant as little as possible.
On the other hand, acknowledging that many services do need customization or a higher level of expertise Dell wants SMBs turn to Dell professional services for their consulting/integration needs.